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Hi Friend! Thank you for visiting J. Lacey Taylor. The “J” is a formal first name. You can call me Lacey. I originally opened my business to serve all and then quickly learned I had a passion for serving other women business owners like myself. There is a certain ambition, resilience and pace that I admired. Especially as I witnessed all of the challenges women face…including my own. Life goes on. Most battles require us becoming our own hero. And, when and if I see a business need for my skills and experience – I want to be there.

You will find J. Lacey Taylor has your company’s best interest at heart. And, appreciate her authentic personality and professionalism. You get personalized attention with 26 years of web design experience.

J. Lacey Taylor graduated from the University of North Florida with a major in Graphic Art and a minor in Advertising. Before starting J. Lacey Taylor, she mastered all aspects of graphic and web design at companies like The Mayo Clinic, Liz Claiborne Shoes, ATP, Ring Power, Levenger, and Citrix.

At The Mayo Clinic she conquered HTML hand coding. At Liz Claiborne she illustrated technical detailed contours of new shoe designs. At Ring Power (Florida’s Largest Caterpillar dealer), she was newsletter writer, photographer and editor. She quickly took the roll of Web Designer as well, creating their first professional website.

At Levenger of Delray Beach (top high-end office supply retailer), she used her skills and talent and quickly turned their catalog based company into one that was more interactive on the web, creating cozy web cafes for customers, creating websites that featured their books in press and redesigning their website which became the Winner of the Best in Class, Silver iMerchant Award & Internet Retailer Top 100 Best Website. “She designed a web page for pens that had been sitting in the warehouse for years-the page sold $40,000 worth in two weeks.”

At Citrix (south Florida’s largest software company), her creative contributions were featured a remarkable 3 times in her first three months in the Kudos section of their newsletter.

Lacey moved back to Jacksonville with her husband, Chris, to raise their son around family – starting her own design and marketing company, for clients local and nationwide, so that she could work from home. Once kindergarten rolled around, a non-profit invited her to join them and she lead them through several large web projects. She successfully,

  1. increased usability for a online community redesign
  2. learned and expanded their cloud based database, quickly, becoming the DBA with a large promotion
  3. consulted with the EVPs to direct them to the necessary vendor and technology needed for their website redesign.

She moved on, successfully building a brand and marketing direction for her husband’s law firm. And continued in that industry working for a young firm close to home doing SEO, design, marketing, also taking on the web master role for the law firm that grew beyond expectation and moved an important human rights local case in the national media spotlight.

To see updates, follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jlaceytaylor/.

During her time at LOJMP she worked with several media channels as media coordinator, providing what was needed to keep important cases in the national and international spotlight. Cases were featured on;

Lacey’s work has been featured in numerous local publications such as the Times Union, Folio Weekly, Void Magazine, Jacksonville Magazine, 904 Magazine, and The Resident.

Lacey is currently Owner & CGO (Creative Growth Officer) at J. Lacey Taylor in Ponte Vedra, Florida helping women owned service businesses reach their goals.

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