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Planning for 2021 Uncertainty lingers as we head into the last months of 2020. We have witnessed scary and sad times but let us focus on the positives. For example, I don’t know about you but for me the pandemic has opened up time! Due to less client work, I have time for planning ahead for my business (something I did not have time for when I opened). During lock down parents were home with
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J. Lacey Taylor is in the news! The Ponte Vedra Recorder wrote an article about my paintings. Click the image or here to go to the article.
Types of Creative Blocks We’ve heard of writer’s block, when an author of a book can’t come up with the next thing that they want to write. We’ve heard of actors that have to take several takes in a scene when they just can’t get the moment captured correctly. We’ve even heard of musicians that take sabbaticals from music because the music just isn’t happening. (My brother happens to be teaching a class on this
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Setting up a New Business You’ve been playing around with the idea for your new business for some time. You have the vision, you know which companies inspire you, you know the solution you want to solve for your customers. You can visualize the lifestyle you want to live with your new business. But, you may be wondering how to start your own business. And, “where do I get started,” you may ask? J. Lacey
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How to get more reviews & optimize you Google accounts Have you been missing out on online Google reviews? Somehow you still aren’t getting the reviews you need even though you offer great services. Ever wonder how to get more reviews? Google My Business Services will get your business where you want to be, but how, you ask. It is the most cost effective method for business growth, but it is hard to understand. JLT
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It’s Client Thanks-Giving Month! It’s not too late to become a client and get goodies! Personally, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! It’s less about expectation and more about being grateful and getting together with your favorite people to share your gratitude for each other. Professionally as an extension of that spirit, J. Lacey Taylor (with it’s awesome website design, SEO & Graphic Design services) will be giving-thanks to our clients and new clients in the
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Starting a business begins with logo design. If you’re starting a business, one of the first things you’ll need, is a logo. Printers need a digital design file to add your logo to business cards, promotional collateral like flyers, brochures or shirts, and you’ll need to hire a Graphic Designers to create those files. Eventually you’ll want to add your logo design in Ponte Vedra to a website or in print advertising. You’ll want to
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Goals, clients, networking groups, website design in Jacksonville, SEO in Ponte Vedra and graphic design branding projects…. oh my! And never enough time to promote one’s own business. I’ve had a blast, running my own business again – this time “full-time.” It was always my intention to run my own business and throughout my career I tested it out when the opportunity presented itself – in-between jobs or when I was raising my son from
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It was a Christmas miracle when my friend offered a client of hers to me. My business is 5 months old, and I appreciated any new business. And, I’m thrilled she thought enough of me and was confident in my ability to recommended me. She had previously worked with a different web developer BL (Before Lacey entered her life) 😊 and, the designer had developed a new website but left all basic functions unfinished. And,
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Friends, I’m embarking on a new adventure offering my experience, skill and talent to businesses that want to grow. J. Lacey Taylor, is a one-stop digital design, marketing and optimization agency for high growth entrepreneurs. I specializes in website design and development along with SEO (search engine optimization). I want to make sure potential customers find my client’s businesses when they search their services or products online. Because their success, is J. Lacey Taylor’s success.
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