Business During a Pandemic

Planning for 2021

Uncertainty lingers as we head into the last months of 2020. We have witnessed scary and sad times but let us focus on the positives. For example, I don’t know about you but for me the pandemic has opened up time! Due to less client work, I have time for planning ahead for my business (something I did not have time for when I opened). During lock down parents were home with there kids and kids were so happy and thriving because of it, we made progress with the environment all over the world! And my friend told me during (sensibly distanced, outside) drinks this week that NICU has half the patients because pregnant women are getting the rest they need. Always find the silver lining!

The newfound time simply means that I’ve had time to find new ways of offering women entrepreneurs more of what you need in 2021.

New just for YOU:

  • A New Blog Series – Called Tea Leaf Readings (the name will be explained in the first blog which will be out shortly) to interactively connect and celebrate the Whole Women Entrepreneur on a more personal level because we must take care of ourselves (mind, body, and soul) before we can take care of anyone else (in business)! And it will be open to comments so that you can comment and connect virtually.
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  • Freebies! – Quick reference lists to move you through what you need to know to help your business run smoothly.
  • Courses – An email course is in the works for women that have a business idea but need to know how to plan for it, launch it and grow it.

Marketing Adjustments

Most people are in a state of fear over the pandemic not only for health reasons but for their businesses and rightfully so. However, while staying safe and cautious you can find the opportunities during this crisis as well.

The best way to prepare your business is to ask, “What will our customers need most in an extended pandemic OR a recover?” Restaurants are a great example. They had needs that both old and new vendors could supply. During the pandemic they needed plexiglass shields, QR code menus to decrease use of touch menus, an increase in their need for takeout containers, sanitizing solutions, and attention grabbing signs that reminded people that they are open – just to name a few.  

Pivot to Profit is a term used by Kelly Roach, The Unstoppable Entrepreneur. If you have not heard her podcast and take on current day circumstances, I highly recommend a listen. UES 535: How to be of Service to the World Amidst Crisis and Chaos. “While everyone is cutting marketing dollars, competition is becoming nonexistent and advertising has never been so affordable.” I can see that this would be true for Google Ads, PPC, and even less effort would be needed for organic SEO efforts as fewer companies compete.

When people are greedy, be in fear,
When people are in fear, be greedy.

Warren Buffet

So, what should you be doing during this time of crisis? First and foremost, keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy. And, with that being the priority, when business is slow consider taking care of these items with your newfound time.

  • Photoshoot – A photoshoot can be done outside and social distanced. I need a photoshoot so bad for my marketing. I have been using stock photography as a placeholder to represent myself when needed but it is time to get that done. How about you?
  • Advertising is more affordable now in most areas. Go ahead, research the new affordable cost. Figure out which one is right for your business and if you need a print ad or social media ad designed, I am here for you!
  • SEO – with marketing budget cuts across all industries, SEO efforts might take surprisingly less effort to get to #1.
  • How is your logo and brand? – Did you go with a cheap option in the beginning and realize you make more money when your brand is stronger and more credible? Hiring a professional designer can make the difference between a 5-figure business or one that could scale to 7.
  • How is your website? – Are you experiencing glitches and issues? It could mean your website needs system updates. Is it secured? That can affect your SEO.

J. Lacey Taylor is a digital design and marketing resource for women-owned businesses and JLT is available to help you with all of the above. Call for a free consultation today! Don’t forget to get your freebie, 13 Steps to Successfully Launch & Grow your Business when you go to the homepage and subscribe. And, be sure to like the J. Lacey Taylor business page on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to stay informed.

What Are You Saying?

Customer Perspective

Often at times we are so involved in the work we are doing that we don’t take the time to step back and see exactly what it is we are saying to the audience. This happens often in the marketing world when we are producing promotional pieces or advertisements. We are so focused on making sure each contributor has their verbiage or their say on how it should be produced and that their contributions are accounted for in the design or layout of the material, that we sometimes forget the target audience all together.

Recently I attended a marketing event and on my way out I met someone new. In getting to know each other I handed him my business card and I quickly explained what it is I do, he handed me a flyer for the current event he was working on. He continued telling me about the event and I continued to scan the flyer looking for anything that would give me a clue as to what the event was so that I could contribute to the conversation. The flyer had an event title, location, time, brief paragraph, event highlights, form and sponsors and yet I still didn’t fully understand the event. I began to think it was me, was I missing something and then I realized it was the “First Annual” and the editor in me realized he was too close to the project to see that a vital piece of information was missing. As the guy spoke to me, I could see he was smart, professional and sincere in his interest in networking with me and excitement for his event…it was contagious and rather than letting this go, as to not offend him, I knew I had to point out the missing piece. Not only as the audience but as a professional with a degree in Graphic Design and Advertising.

And there it was! He said it in his conversation, “Business to Business Networking Reception.” I said, “that’s it! That’s exactly the tagline this flyer needs to summarize the event for the reader.” He thought about it, and with delight asked for my contact information and said he could use my services. That wasn’t my intention. Solving the problem was the goal of the moment, but then again, that’s what these events are about…making connections to create win-win situations.