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If you are on this website you probably already know that SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. And if you are seeking out Lacey’s skills or her Jacksonvile SEO Company you are probably aware that she has had great success with SEO in Jacksonville, FL and knows how to get a business to show up on google. Here is one particular Case Study that demonstrates the success J Lacey Taylor has experienced…

CASE STUDY: Law Office of JMP

John’s vision for his young firm was to grow. Grow into the public eye, grow his staff and grow into multiple office locations. We did all of that in a short amount of time.

Starting with SEO, I made sure his website was optimized to get in front of his potential clients. His brand was weak and needed to be as strong and robust as his vision for himself so the second thing I did was rebrand him designing a timeless logo. My next move was to expand his collateral, advertising and content. I made sure he was the authority in the subject of his practice areas and his SEO rankings quickly soared.

“The rep from Gwinnett came in today and complimented our growth over the last 6 months online. She was amazed that I “called my shot” a few months back that we’d be on the first page and she asked how much we spend with Google. I politely declined and she said their rep estimated we’d need to spend about $6000 per month to get where we’ve gotten across the board. She was amazed when I held up a goose egg to my eye and said, “it’s all us.” We are everywhere all of the time, haha. Great job!” John


LOJMP went from an intake average of 9 per month to 24 per month in a 8 month time span. His clients went from a total of 80 to 280. He was seeing great results. And, when a client came to him in a new practice area his strong new brand withstood international attention. John grew into a second office and third office.

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