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The Wrongful Death Case of Jordan Davis


During my time at LOJMP, in addition to helping with the case, the Walk with Jordan foundation was a cause I worked on in my limited free time for the parents of Jordan Davis. I provided them with a logo and two websites that accept donations for their foundations, which have rewarded students with travel and education opportunities.

“Lacey you have been so instrumental in this journey, many times using your own time and lunch hour…and I thank you with all my broken heart.”

R. Davis, (Jordan’s Father)

“Lacey! I cannot thank you enough for stretching yourself and your workload to help both R. and me through some pretty tough times these past two years. Your support for us has been greatly appreciated and we will never forget your sacrifices on our behalf.”

L. McBath,  (Jordan’s Mother and current Congresswoman for Georgia’s 6th District


Nocatee Swim Team Logo

Having been on a swim team throughout middle and high school, I wanted my son to experience what I had. When I learned that the swim team was in need of a logo, I volunteered to design one for them and get involved with that community hoping to encourage my son to do the same. I forget why they went with a different logo (I may have run out of steam with offering my limited free time), maybe I’m biased but I believe any one of these would have been better.

PMDD Advocate

I advocate for women with PMDD struggling and suffering in isolation not knowing what is wrong with them. Most doctors are unaware – or not knowledgeable enough regarding PMDD – to help them.

I am one of the 1 in 20 women that have PMDD, ninety percent of whom are undiagnosed and who have come to believe that struggling to get by one to two weeks out of every month is normal. That is why PMDD has also come to be known as “Half Life” because half of the month you are struggling just to make it through another day while the other half of the month you are loving life and so grateful that the cloud/fog has lifted.

April is PMDD Awareness Month, and when I asked my media friend, Angela Spears, if she knew of any ways I could spread the message and awareness, explaining PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) is like PMS but more serious with a 30 percent attempted suicide rate. She immediately said, “you should come on my radio show. This is something we aren’t talking about and we need to talk about it!” And the rest, as they say, is history. (My interview start around 21:11…)

If you would like to learn more about PMDD please visit, Tracking is encouraged if you believe you might have PMDD. Click here for more information about the app I mentioned in the interview. Diagnosis leads to hope and help.