Brand Development

Graphic Design Branding

When faced with the prospect of opening up a law firm (The Taylor Law Office)  as well as this design and marketing business (J. Lacey Taylor) I made sure to put in all of the preliminary marketing research with competitive analysis. With that information I was able to develop a marketing plan and art aka graphic design branding and brand guidelines to start this firm successfully. Logo, color palette, business card mock-ups followed. As well as website URL discussions, website mock-up designs and SEO research.

John had a logo but it needed more strength for the legal industry. I designed the Law Offices of John M. Phillips logo above to be one that could stand-up to replication for all types of marketing collateral. As well as an update to his original initials logo design. He also wanted a logo for the new website name, so we played around the one that would work for more social environments.