Women Entrepreneur Needs Poll: The Results are in!

Question 1 –

When I asked:

The results were somewhat surprising. While it’s easy to understand the no time or no money scenario for women given recent statistic (which I will get into in another blog), the other responses were definitely of interest. Who knew finding the right professional service or right system stumped so many women from taking the step forward into becoming an entrepreneur? And, as for those that selected “other” as their biggest reason, there reasons consisted of:

  • Finding clients
  • Putting myself out there to find clients
  • Its a combo of not knowing where to begin, not having a pre set client base and not being 100% clear on my fees.
  • Self belief

What I’m hearing is that women want to have the security of knowing they will have clients before they take the leap. It’s very understandable to me because it is exactly what I did. Now I know I have to share that story so that more women can see how others have launched. It’s a good story. So don’t forget to subscribe from my homepage to be sure you get that blog story down the road.

Question 2 –

When asked:

Women responded:

  • Adding a quality, paying client and making sure I allot enough time to offer my services.
  • Starting.
  • Conquer the new technology. I was at the same corporate job for so long I have to catch up to all the add ons and task managers and CRMs
  • Regular high 5-figure months
  • Having a solid client base so that I don’t worry about having enough money coming in.
  • I want to make enough money so we can become digital nomads.
  • I want to be a trusted resource within my community – financial security is also top priority for me as a single parent
  • To be my own boss, in charge of my own career. Creating my own goals and not having them decided for me. To give small businesses with support staff needs a way out of salaried employees they can’t afford.
  • To quit my 9-5
  • Minimizing my anxiety so I can actually enjoy the journey
  • Being able to work from home and support my family
  • Be focused in only providing what I love to do, and earn a full time income!
  • Getting to 1 million in revenue.

To summarize, I hear that entrepreneurship offers these women freedom to steer the way towards their dreams, a sense of accomplishment and recognition though the challenges might be great and they want to feel secure while on that journey.

This my friends is what we need to strive to offer each other and I plan to do that with my business J. Lacey Taylor. With more than two decades of digital design and marketing background and having casually started a few businesses myself I can in the least offer those professional services to you. Check that off your list. The right professional services, found. ✓

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