Tea Leaf Reading #1: Unapologetically Self-Full

A Blog Series by J. Lacey Taylor

In an attempt to connect us, while going through this pandemic together, I am starting something new. I miss networking with local businesses -in person, so I am making this interactive and opening up for comments below the post. My hopes are that long term it will help with connecting with all of you, not only locally but internationally as well.

My idea is to let tea tags inspire tea leaf reading blogs. This is where business meets serenity. Where lady bosses are reminded to pause and redefine their definition of what success is to them. This is were we will find balance together, or at least that is my goal and intention.

Tea Leaf Readings aka Tasseography is a divination or fortune-telling method that interprets patterns in tea leaves. However, I feel a tea bag with a motivational tag is a sweet modern extension to those earlier gypsy readings.

Before we begin, grab a cup of tea. And if you don’t have a great selection of tea, I have a few recommendations:

For tea tag sayings, try Yogi Tea. Winter flavors? YUM! For the best medicinal tea: Nettle is great for sinuses! Or the best medicinal tea in a bag: Best benefits for your $! And, for the best flavor: Remember fireballs? Try H.C.S.!

Let’s begin…

The first tag reads,

The Universe has Your Back

“Empty yourself
and let the universe fill you.”

Tea Tag

Let’s break it down…

  1. Empty yourself:

    One would have to be “full of themselves” if they were asked to empty themselves. The wise tea isn’t saying we have big egos but rather we are filled with our problems, our worries, our self sabotage, etc. And the tea wants us to …get rid of it, toss it out, and let it go. The tea has something better for us…

    Wait a minute. That’s oddly familiar. Remember the nursery rhyme? I’m a little tea pot short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my spout. When I get all steamed up, hear me shout. Tip me over and pour me out. Woah! All these years I thought the rhyme was an instruction manual not ancient wisdom and advice! We are all a little “steamed up” this year wouldn’t you say?
  2. Let the universe fill you

    When I read the second portion of the tea tag the first thing that came to mind was my new found connection to the universe and how much it has served me. Where casual knowledge and awareness lived, a stronger bond and relationship now exists all because of the book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1401946550/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1401946550&linkCode=as2&tag=jlaceytaylo00-20&linkId=0428bfd4af8148b28ead32c3e3165161">The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to FaithThe Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith by Gabby Bernstein. We have all been through so much recently with the pandemic. Isn’t it soothing to think that the thing bigger than life has our back?

    Tea Leaves say, distinguish between being selfish vs self-full. When we fill ourselves with all the beauty and mysteries that the universe has to offer we are whole/full. The wise tea is telling us when we let go of ego and focus on just how small we are in this vast universe, our troubles can melt away as we marvel.

Predicting 2021

It’s fitting to start tea leaf reading, which use to be a form of fortune telling during a time when our lives have the most uncertainty. Don’t you think?

This T.L.R. advice – to give up worry, frees our minds to think clearer to move on actionable progress in our lives. Filling ourselves with the Universe also means collaborate with it. We may not know what is around the corner but with a teammate like the Universe (that has our back) we can move forward with confidence. I’ve created a Grow and Launch your Business guide that you get when you subscribe, and here are business preparations we can make for 2021…

Action Steps to close out 2020:

  • Ask, what will our target market need from our business during and after the pandemic? In the freebie guide I mentioned above, I offer suggestions on how you can get your unique solution to your market
  • Hone-in on your vision!
    If you have more time for your business, your vision for it may have changed since the last time you checked in with it. Get real specific about what you want for your business. Have you seen anyone do what it is you would like to do? Study them.
    Vision board it! Pinterest is a free virtual space for vision boarding. Simply create a board (your goal), then use Pinterest’s search to find images or information specific to what you are trying to achieve and pin it on your board!
  • Can your brand live up to your new vision?
    Often we start a business with the bare necessities and low level design work. Contact me for a free review of your brand and logo to find out how you can elevate your brand and get you closer to your vision.
  • Update your website to handle an influx of new business.
    Is your website experiencing glitches? My last website job was simple, change an address. However, the business owner hadn’t made the necessary updates over the years (if it wasn’t broke, he wasn’t going to fix it), the website wasn’t secured and it was running on an old version of the platform. Needless to say that simple change turned into 4 hours of updating and troubleshooting. Keep your website fully functioning by having a professional check on it routinely.
  • Engage!
    Just like the tea leaves mention, our customers are a part of our universe. While our goal is to work on OUR dreams, by removing our ego from what we do and making our work about serving others and help them achieve their dreams, we in fact do exactly what we set out to do.

While there are some outlandish predictions (I know, I’ve scoured the internet.) I feel the tea tag that I wrote about above says it all. We can not go wrong, if we take this pandemic and the state of our world as a message to find our spirituality and connect to something bigger than ourselves.

Connect with readers of this month’s tea leaf reading in the comment section below. Don’t forget the book I mentioned, it can be purchased at the link above. Sign-up for a free consultation, if you are in need of J. Lacey Taylor’s digital design and marketing services. And, subscribe to get your free Steps to Launch and Grow your Business pdf!

Women Entrepreneur Needs Poll: The Results are in!

Question 1 –

When I asked:

The results were somewhat surprising. While it’s easy to understand the no time or no money scenario for women given recent statistic (which I will get into in another blog), the other responses were definitely of interest. Who knew finding the right professional service or right system stumped so many women from taking the step forward into becoming an entrepreneur? And, as for those that selected “other” as their biggest reason, there reasons consisted of:

  • Finding clients
  • Putting myself out there to find clients
  • Its a combo of not knowing where to begin, not having a pre set client base and not being 100% clear on my fees.
  • Self belief

What I’m hearing is that women want to have the security of knowing they will have clients before they take the leap. It’s very understandable to me because it is exactly what I did. Now I know I have to share that story so that more women can see how others have launched. It’s a good story. So don’t forget to subscribe from my homepage to be sure you get that blog story down the road.

Question 2 –

When asked:

Women responded:

  • Adding a quality, paying client and making sure I allot enough time to offer my services.
  • Starting.
  • Conquer the new technology. I was at the same corporate job for so long I have to catch up to all the add ons and task managers and CRMs
  • Regular high 5-figure months
  • Having a solid client base so that I don’t worry about having enough money coming in.
  • I want to make enough money so we can become digital nomads.
  • I want to be a trusted resource within my community – financial security is also top priority for me as a single parent
  • To be my own boss, in charge of my own career. Creating my own goals and not having them decided for me. To give small businesses with support staff needs a way out of salaried employees they can’t afford.
  • To quit my 9-5
  • Minimizing my anxiety so I can actually enjoy the journey
  • Being able to work from home and support my family
  • Be focused in only providing what I love to do, and earn a full time income!
  • Getting to 1 million in revenue.

To summarize, I hear that entrepreneurship offers these women freedom to steer the way towards their dreams, a sense of accomplishment and recognition though the challenges might be great and they want to feel secure while on that journey.

This my friends is what we need to strive to offer each other and I plan to do that with my business J. Lacey Taylor. With more than two decades of digital design and marketing background and having casually started a few businesses myself I can in the least offer those professional services to you. Check that off your list. The right professional services, found. ✓

And, be sure to subscribe, like and follow J. Lacey Taylor to get all of my tips when I post next!

Business During a Pandemic

Planning for 2021

Uncertainty lingers as we head into the last months of 2020. We have witnessed scary and sad times but let us focus on the positives. For example, I don’t know about you but for me the pandemic has opened up time! Due to less client work, I have time for planning ahead for my business (something I did not have time for when I opened). During lock down parents were home with there kids and kids were so happy and thriving because of it, we made progress with the environment all over the world! And my friend told me during (sensibly distanced, outside) drinks this week that NICU has half the patients because pregnant women are getting the rest they need. Always find the silver lining!

The newfound time simply means that I’ve had time to find new ways of offering women entrepreneurs more of what you need in 2021.

New just for YOU:

  • A New Blog Series – Called Tea Leaf Readings (the name will be explained in the first blog which will be out shortly) to interactively connect and celebrate the Whole Women Entrepreneur on a more personal level because we must take care of ourselves (mind, body, and soul) before we can take care of anyone else (in business)! And it will be open to comments so that you can comment and connect virtually.
  • Email Newsletters – When you subscribe (from the popup on the homepage), you stay informed and receive
  • Freebies! – Quick reference lists to move you through what you need to know to help your business run smoothly.
  • Courses – An email course is in the works for women that have a business idea but need to know how to plan for it, launch it and grow it.

Marketing Adjustments

Most people are in a state of fear over the pandemic not only for health reasons but for their businesses and rightfully so. However, while staying safe and cautious you can find the opportunities during this crisis as well.

The best way to prepare your business is to ask, “What will our customers need most in an extended pandemic OR a recover?” Restaurants are a great example. They had needs that both old and new vendors could supply. During the pandemic they needed plexiglass shields, QR code menus to decrease use of touch menus, an increase in their need for takeout containers, sanitizing solutions, and attention grabbing signs that reminded people that they are open – just to name a few.  

Pivot to Profit is a term used by Kelly Roach, The Unstoppable Entrepreneur. If you have not heard her podcast and take on current day circumstances, I highly recommend a listen. UES 535: How to be of Service to the World Amidst Crisis and Chaos. “While everyone is cutting marketing dollars, competition is becoming nonexistent and advertising has never been so affordable.” I can see that this would be true for Google Ads, PPC, and even less effort would be needed for organic SEO efforts as fewer companies compete.

When people are greedy, be in fear,
When people are in fear, be greedy.

Warren Buffet

So, what should you be doing during this time of crisis? First and foremost, keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy. And, with that being the priority, when business is slow consider taking care of these items with your newfound time.

  • Photoshoot – A photoshoot can be done outside and social distanced. I need a photoshoot so bad for my marketing. I have been using stock photography as a placeholder to represent myself when needed but it is time to get that done. How about you?
  • Advertising is more affordable now in most areas. Go ahead, research the new affordable cost. Figure out which one is right for your business and if you need a print ad or social media ad designed, I am here for you!
  • SEO – with marketing budget cuts across all industries, SEO efforts might take surprisingly less effort to get to #1.
  • How is your logo and brand? – Did you go with a cheap option in the beginning and realize you make more money when your brand is stronger and more credible? Hiring a professional designer can make the difference between a 5-figure business or one that could scale to 7.
  • How is your website? – Are you experiencing glitches and issues? It could mean your website needs system updates. Is it secured? That can affect your SEO.

J. Lacey Taylor is a digital design and marketing resource for women-owned businesses and JLT is available to help you with all of the above. Call for a free consultation today! Don’t forget to get your freebie, 13 Steps to Successfully Launch & Grow your Business when you go to the homepage and subscribe. And, be sure to like the J. Lacey Taylor business page on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to stay informed.

How to Start Your Own Business

Setting up a New Business

You’ve been playing around with the idea for your new business for some time. You have the vision, you know which companies inspire you, you know the solution you want to solve for your customers. You can visualize the lifestyle you want to live with your new business. But, you may be wondering how to start your own business. And, “where do I get started,” you may ask?

J. Lacey Taylor started her own business researching every little step. Her goal is to save start-ups like yours all of that time to move through all of the to dos faster and with ease. She knows the must-knows of setting up a new business and wants to be your resource to help you breeze through the process so that you can focus on the important things, like making money and making your dreams come true! Here is the beginning process…

First, lock in your name and make it official. You’ll want to go to Sunbiz.org and make sure the name you had in mind is available. While you’re at it, make sure the domain name/URL you had in mind is also available.

Second, do your research. You’ll want to understand your market inside and out. If you don’t know how to research, J. Lacey Taylor can provide an in-depth look with valuable insights to get you started off in the right direction with a winning strategy. Don’t waste time and money guessing your way through branding and marketing.

Third, with the marketing research you can better target your customers with your brand development and design.

Fourth, moving into production of your website and promotional materials is so much easier and decisions are made faster when your strategy is based on market data. J. Lacey Taylor has a degree in digital design and can help with all of your production needs.

Last but not least, launch and celebrate your achievement! You are in business and nothing feels better than being in control of your own future and goals! Not everyone can stomach this amount of freedom and control over ones life but if you are an entrepreneur you will know it in your gut.

The infograph below provides a visual representation of the steps you’ll need to consider to get started.

When starting out you’ll not only want a digital designer/marketer to help build a business that looks and feels creditable, you’ll also want mentors that can give you an outsiders experienced perspective on your plans. In North Florida the best organizations JLT has come across when starting a business in jacksonville fl, were SCORE (Service Core of Retire Executives) and SBDC ( Small Business Development Center) and their services are FREE!

Marketing a New Business

To show your customers that you are the right choice over your competitor, investing in assets is crucial. JLT created an Essential Items for Business infograph of the assets that give you the most bang for your buck. The cost for these items are small when considering what the value of drawing in leads equals for your business. The mentor organizations above provide great resources for financing your initial start-up costs.

The SECRET to getting AHEAD
is getting STARTED!

When you decide that you are ready to start your business, J. Lacey Taylor offers a new business start-up package that will provide you any or all of the items mentioned above at your desire and pace. Packages start at $388/m. Schedule a consultation with Lacey today to start building your dream!

new bu

Google My Business Services

Google Account Services

How to get more reviews
& optimize you Google accounts

Have you been missing out on online Google reviews? Somehow you still aren’t getting the reviews you need even though you offer great services. Ever wonder how to get more reviews? Google My Business Services will get your business where you want to be, but how, you ask. It is the most cost effective method for business growth, but it is hard to understand. JLT understands you don’t have time to deal with figuring out your Google accounts.

J. Lacey Taylor and Google are BFFs! Spending years working with their tools. Produce amazing results, JLT shares her knowledge to help benefit your business most. JLT created a package to optimize your google accounts and get more customer reviews!

With the Google Account Services Package, J. Lacey Taylor will:

  • Analyze where your business currently stands,
  • Set-up the Google accounts you need (whether its Google My Business, Analytics, Search Console, Gmail and Calendar),
  • Implement & optimize your Google accounts so that Google recognizes your business as credible in your industry,
  • Update content to make it fresh and relevant,
  • Check and correct any inconsistencies in the accounts,
  • Connect your Google accounts to the appropriate services to better automate processes,
  • Offer you a fail proof way to capture more reviews, and
  • Strategize & recommend solutions for on-going success.

JLT offers all of this to you for $499. Contact J. Lacey Taylor at 904-878-0881 or jlaceytaylor.biz@gmail.com, to win-over Google and capture more client reviews!

Website Design, SEO & Graphic Design | Jacksonville, FL

It’s Client Thanks-Giving Month!

It’s not too late to become a client and get goodies!

Personally, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! It’s less about expectation and more about being grateful and getting together with your favorite people to share your gratitude for each other. Professionally as an extension of that spirit, J. Lacey Taylor (with it’s awesome website design, SEO & Graphic Design services) will be giving-thanks to our clients and new clients in the month of November. I’ve even started a local club for women owned businesses to have monthly “thanks-giving” type gatherings to take a fun break with other women business owners and share our business know how.

This November if you were a client in the last 12 months or if you become a new client this month, as a THANK YOU, you will receive:

  • An E-Book Titled: Advanced SEO Tricks
  • A listing on the J. Lacey Taylor Resource Page
    (Did someone say backlinks? Yes please!)
  • Membership into our local women owned business group.
  • Get entered into a drawing for a chance to win your choice of a post bragging about your business (wonderful for SEO) OR an infograph design (also great for social media posts and website display).
  • And, a major discount offer into our new Next Level Membership! (This is a new service membership that expands your team – leveling up your business to greater heights without bringing on employees.)
    Services offered by J Lacey Taylor that are included in the Next Level Membership are:
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Get found when your potential customers search for your services in Google search engines.
    • Graphic Design: Branding, Logo, Brochure, Flyer, Direct Mail, Promotional Collateral, & Advertisement Design
    • Marketing Research, Competitor Analysis & Strategy

Clients will receive an email with their thanks-giving gifts and details. If you’d like to become a client this month and take advantage of all of the goodies offered, contact J Lacey Taylor to schedule your free consultation about the service you need for your business! jlaceytaylor.biz@gmail.com & (904) 878-0881

Update: And, the WINNER IS…

Logo Design Ponte Vedra

Starting a business begins with logo design.

If you’re starting a business, one of the first things you’ll need, is a logo. Printers need a digital design file to add your logo to business cards, promotional collateral like flyers, brochures or shirts, and you’ll need to hire a Graphic Designers to create those files. Eventually you’ll want to add your logo design in Ponte Vedra to a website or in print advertising.

You’ll want to research local designers and make sure you find someone whose design work and personality is a good match for you. A good designer will listen to your objectives for the design and deliver three options that fit. From there, you will chose a design to go with and generally work three revisions to get the logo design exactly as you want it. In addition, if you plan to take your business to great heights getting additional brand development and brand guidelines will insure your brand stays strong.

For my recent logo design in Ponte Vedra, I worked with an artist and new restaurant. First I provided options. And, we work from there to go with the clients preferences. Ok, I may go above and beyond and deliver more than three options sometimes…

There were no set objectives for the abstract fine artist, so I sat down with her and showed her fonts and narrowed in on the few she liked. She decided she wanted to use a portion of one of her paintings in her logo, so I incorporated that into the design.

Logo Design Jacksonville

As for the new restaurant, the client had very clear requirements. Originally the owner of an Irish pub she wanted to keep the name but move away from the pub vibe and go coastal. She wanted the trendy rustic wood background or vintage coastal imagery and eventually decided she liked a circle design. All great choices. Note when I provide drafts images might include the Adobe Stock watermark because I don’t purchase the rights to design elements (such as the rustic wood background) until the client has decided what they want.

If you don’t decide on an equally sized design like a square or a circle, you’ll want to consider a horizontal and vertical version of your logo. I provide both when you choose, J. Lacey Taylor for your logo design in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra or even worldwide. Call to schedule your project today!

*FYI: October is a great month to become a client, because November is J Lacey Taylor’s Client Thanks GIVING month!

A Year in Review

Goals, clients, networking groups, website design in Jacksonville, SEO in Ponte Vedra and graphic design branding projects…. oh my! And never enough time to promote one’s own business.

I’ve had a blast, running my own business again – this time “full-time.” It was always my intention to run my own business and throughout my career I tested it out when the opportunity presented itself – in-between jobs or when I was raising my son from birth to kindergarten (which is nearly impossible-being an “all-in” type of mom).  I say all of that to say finding my niche should have been obvious, however, the insights I took away after reviewing my client list for the year were a bit shocking to me. But, there is a group of people that stands out and have truly supported my business. I found my niche!

In one word, understanding. A small business owner client who understands what it takes to be businessperson all while juggling the other roles in one’s life – is a true teammate. They get to business and leave the nonsense behind. There is no wasting of one’s time because they too wouldn’t want their time wasted. They keep it objective; they don’t play games. To put it simply, they’ve done their research – they found you – and you provide the service they need.

If I’m being vague about my newfound niche, it is because like any data reviewed, we can find trends in demographics, but it is not always the rule and it really comes down to being an observer during initial consultations and going with your instinct. In the first year of business, you take all the business you can get and in the second year you become more discerning – which is what you look for in a client as well.

Recently while at a networking event, the speaker spoke about referral business. “It’s the best business you can get. If someone knows, likes and trusts you enough to recommend you – that recommendation sells you itself. You are already the expert.”

Which brings me to this month’s celebratory discounts and chance to win prizes earn cash! But first, did you know I offer cash back to people who refer me business? I do! Depending on how fast the sale closes you could earn 5%, 10% or 15% of the sale-any month of the year! I tell you this because for the rest of the month of August I am offering referrers (whose referrals close in August) 25% of the sale!!! That means if you send me a client that closes in August on our smallest project – 1 hour of design work…you get $19.75. If you send a client that closes in August on our largest project – a Premium Consulting Website…you get $3,750!!! OR if you send me someone that signs up for a monthly service and closes in August – I send you a $100 gift card immediately. And, if YOU need my services in August – I’m giving you 25% off. Call to schedule your project or recommend me today – 904-878-0881.

Gift cards are sent when the client pays for the 1st month of a 6+ month contract. Checks are sent when the project is complete. Applicable for projects with first payments made in August.





My work with charity Clara White Mission

It was a Christmas miracle when my friend offered a client of hers to me. My business was 5 months old, and I appreciated any new business. I’m thrilled she thought enough and was confident in my ability to recommended me. She had previously worked with a different web developer before we met and, the designer had developed a new website but left all basic functions unfinished. And, this client was a CHARITY! Clara White Mission was left without a way for sponsors to donate and no place for volunteers to register! AND, the hungry had no way of contacting them for a meal! Who would do that to a Charity? To do that during donation season seemed so heartless!

In my first call with the charity, they told me what was going on and I was truly flabbergasted as to why this happened. I offered to donate an hour of my time to investigate the issue and report back to them if I felt I could handle the project. There were too many unknowns and I didn’t want to waste their time or money if I didn’t know how to fix the problem. In that hour, I figured out the issue and reported back what needed to be done. My friend tells me they were very pleased that I knew what I was talking about and described it in a way that they could understand.

In the following conversations, we worked out our partnership. And, I went to work a week after because the previous website designer housed the website on his server and had to move the site to a new server with my recommendation.

Within my first hour of work, the functionality was working. Indeed, another Christmas miracle. Donors can donate, the staff get notification emails, PayPal accepts donations, and donors get a confirmation and receipt email. Their calendar of events accepts volunteer sign-ups, contact forms can accept information and send it to staff. Everything is working as it should!

If you know me, then you know that working for causes have changed my life. This project gave more to me than I gave to them. When I think of how this Clara White Mission works in our community to help the homeless and that my work somehow helped them do the work they need to do, I know I’m on the right path for my career and life.

If you are looking to be someone’s Christmas Miracle this holiday season, donate at www.clarawhitemission.org. website development jacksonville

A New Digital Agency | Website Development Jacksonville


I’m embarking on a new adventure offering my experience, skill and talent to businesses that want to grow.

J. Lacey Taylor, is a one-stop digital design, marketing and optimization agency for high growth entrepreneurs. I specializes in website design and development along with SEO (search engine optimization). I want to make sure potential customers find my client’s businesses when they search their services or products online. Because their success, is J. Lacey Taylor’s success.

I appreciate your support and friendship. Connect, and follow J. Lacey Taylor on social media. Contact me if you have a business that you want to grow. And, spread the word to other high growth entrepreneurs that could benefit from  digital agency services.