A Year in Review

Goals, clients, networking groups, website design in Jacksonville, SEO in Ponte Vedra and graphic design branding projects…. oh my! And never enough time to promote one’s own business.

I’ve had a blast, running my own business again – this time “full-time.” It was always my intention to run my own business and throughout my career I tested it out when the opportunity presented itself – in-between jobs or when I was raising my son from birth to kindergarten (which is nearly impossible-being an “all-in” type of mom).  I say all of that to say finding my niche should have been obvious, however, the insights I took away after reviewing my client list for the year were a bit shocking to me. But, there is a group of people that stands out and have truly supported my business. I found my niche!

In one word, understanding. A small business owner client who understands what it takes to be businessperson all while juggling the other roles in one’s life – is a true teammate. They get to business and leave the nonsense behind. There is no wasting of one’s time because they too wouldn’t want their time wasted. They keep it objective; they don’t play games. To put it simply, they’ve done their research – they found you – and you provide the service they need.

If I’m being vague about my newfound niche, it is because like any data reviewed, we can find trends in demographics, but it is not always the rule and it really comes down to being an observer during initial consultations and going with your instinct. In the first year of business, you take all the business you can get and in the second year you become more discerning – which is what you look for in a client as well.

Recently while at a networking event, the speaker spoke about referral business. “It’s the best business you can get. If someone knows, likes and trusts you enough to recommend you – that recommendation sells you itself. You are already the expert.”

Which brings me to this month’s celebratory discounts and chance to win prizes earn cash! But first, did you know I offer cash back to people who refer me business? I do! Depending on how fast the sale closes you could earn 5%, 10% or 15% of the sale-any month of the year! I tell you this because for the rest of the month of August I am offering referrers (whose referrals close in August) 25% of the sale!!! That means if you send me a client that closes in August on our smallest project – 1 hour of design work…you get $19.75. If you send a client that closes in August on our largest project – a Premium Consulting Website…you get $3,750!!! OR if you send me someone that signs up for a monthly service and closes in August – I send you a $100 gift card immediately. And, if YOU need my services in August – I’m giving you 25% off. Call to schedule your project or recommend me today – 904-878-0881.

Gift cards are sent when the client pays for the 1st month of a 6+ month contract. Checks are sent when the project is complete. Applicable for projects with first payments made in August.





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