Tea Leaf Reading #1: Unapologetically Self-Full

A Blog Series by J. Lacey Taylor

In an attempt to connect us, while going through this pandemic together, I am starting something new. I miss networking with local businesses -in person, so I am making this interactive and opening up for comments below the post. My hopes are that long term it will help with connecting with all of you, not only locally but internationally as well.

My idea is to let tea tags inspire tea leaf reading blogs. This is where business meets serenity. Where lady bosses are reminded to pause and redefine their definition of what success is to them. This is were we will find balance together, or at least that is my goal and intention.

Tea Leaf Readings aka Tasseography is a divination or fortune-telling method that interprets patterns in tea leaves. However, I feel a tea bag with a motivational tag is a sweet modern extension to those earlier gypsy readings.

Before we begin, grab a cup of tea. And if you don’t have a great selection of tea, I have a few recommendations:

For tea tag sayings, try Yogi Tea. Winter flavors? YUM! For the best medicinal tea: Nettle is great for sinuses! Or the best medicinal tea in a bag: Best benefits for your $! And, for the best flavor: Remember fireballs? Try H.C.S.!

Let’s begin…

The first tag reads,

The Universe has Your Back

“Empty yourself
and let the universe fill you.”

Tea Tag

Let’s break it down…

  1. Empty yourself:

    One would have to be “full of themselves” if they were asked to empty themselves. The wise tea isn’t saying we have big egos but rather we are filled with our problems, our worries, our self sabotage, etc. And the tea wants us to …get rid of it, toss it out, and let it go. The tea has something better for us…

    Wait a minute. That’s oddly familiar. Remember the nursery rhyme? I’m a little tea pot short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my spout. When I get all steamed up, hear me shout. Tip me over and pour me out. Woah! All these years I thought the rhyme was an instruction manual not ancient wisdom and advice! We are all a little “steamed up” this year wouldn’t you say?
  2. Let the universe fill you

    When I read the second portion of the tea tag the first thing that came to mind was my new found connection to the universe and how much it has served me. Where casual knowledge and awareness lived, a stronger bond and relationship now exists all because of the book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1401946550/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1401946550&linkCode=as2&tag=jlaceytaylo00-20&linkId=0428bfd4af8148b28ead32c3e3165161">The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to FaithThe Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith by Gabby Bernstein. We have all been through so much recently with the pandemic. Isn’t it soothing to think that the thing bigger than life has our back?

    Tea Leaves say, distinguish between being selfish vs self-full. When we fill ourselves with all the beauty and mysteries that the universe has to offer we are whole/full. The wise tea is telling us when we let go of ego and focus on just how small we are in this vast universe, our troubles can melt away as we marvel.

Predicting 2021

It’s fitting to start tea leaf reading, which use to be a form of fortune telling during a time when our lives have the most uncertainty. Don’t you think?

This T.L.R. advice – to give up worry, frees our minds to think clearer to move on actionable progress in our lives. Filling ourselves with the Universe also means collaborate with it. We may not know what is around the corner but with a teammate like the Universe (that has our back) we can move forward with confidence. I’ve created a Grow and Launch your Business guide that you get when you subscribe, and here are business preparations we can make for 2021…

Action Steps to close out 2020:

  • Ask, what will our target market need from our business during and after the pandemic? In the freebie guide I mentioned above, I offer suggestions on how you can get your unique solution to your market
  • Hone-in on your vision!
    If you have more time for your business, your vision for it may have changed since the last time you checked in with it. Get real specific about what you want for your business. Have you seen anyone do what it is you would like to do? Study them.
    Vision board it! Pinterest is a free virtual space for vision boarding. Simply create a board (your goal), then use Pinterest’s search to find images or information specific to what you are trying to achieve and pin it on your board!
  • Can your brand live up to your new vision?
    Often we start a business with the bare necessities and low level design work. Contact me for a free review of your brand and logo to find out how you can elevate your brand and get you closer to your vision.
  • Update your website to handle an influx of new business.
    Is your website experiencing glitches? My last website job was simple, change an address. However, the business owner hadn’t made the necessary updates over the years (if it wasn’t broke, he wasn’t going to fix it), the website wasn’t secured and it was running on an old version of the platform. Needless to say that simple change turned into 4 hours of updating and troubleshooting. Keep your website fully functioning by having a professional check on it routinely.
  • Engage!
    Just like the tea leaves mention, our customers are a part of our universe. While our goal is to work on OUR dreams, by removing our ego from what we do and making our work about serving others and help them achieve their dreams, we in fact do exactly what we set out to do.

While there are some outlandish predictions (I know, I’ve scoured the internet.) I feel the tea tag that I wrote about above says it all. We can not go wrong, if we take this pandemic and the state of our world as a message to find our spirituality and connect to something bigger than ourselves.

Connect with readers of this month’s tea leaf reading in the comment section below. Don’t forget the book I mentioned, it can be purchased at the link above. Sign-up for a free consultation, if you are in need of J. Lacey Taylor’s digital design and marketing services. And, subscribe to get your free Steps to Launch and Grow your Business pdf!

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