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A Design Package for New Businesses

Who is this package for? New business owners or entrepreneurs that are ready to launch a business and see their plan come to life. You may have been providing services but to elevate your business, you desire a professional look and feel. Business design elements express the strongest vision of your business to your clients giving your business a whole new level of credibility.
What does the package include? You receive a logo in the necessary file formats that you will need to replicate it on future collateral, beautiful brand guidelines that remind you of the rules you will need to follow to keep your branding consistence. A website, social media template design for the platform of your choice.
When will it be complete? In 28 days, you will have the design elements that visually represent your business.
Where will this go down? Through an initial consulting call and emails we can take care of everything virtually.
Why should I invest? You are ready to grow and give your business whole new level of credibility. You are ready to invest in the unfolding of the strongest vision for your business. Investing in design is a signal to potential customers that your business is worthy of your investment and their time.
How does the package process work? (Please see “The Process” below.)

The Process

The process is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Simply schedule your free consultation call. During the call we will discuss the details of what you want for your business and what to expect over the 28 days of the project. An invoice will be sent and then I schedule your project locking in the start date of your choosing.
  2. Client homework begins (which includes further discover questions and delivery of any information I may need to begin the design work). Design work begins starting with brand and logo with three edit cycles. And then design work for the website, social and ad.
  3. Once editing for each item is complete an invoice for the final payment is sent. With payment all files are delivered and the website “goes live.”

Introductory Price Savings

As soon as we get to a place with the pandemic where we are opening back up, I will be raising rates. I’m keeping the prices low for this introductory offer to help small businesses. I can do this by keeping the design package to the basics, but equally as beautiful.

Of course if you feel the need to “level up” you can upgrade to include business consulting with your design package.

The current insanely low pricing for these individual items are as follows:

  • a logo =$350,
  • brand guidelines = $250,
  • a website (1-3 page) = $1800,
  • social templates = $350,
  • and, an ad = $400,
    for a total of = $3,150.

But when you buy these items bundled in the new Glow. Launch. Grow. Design Package you get:

  • a reduced package discount = just $2800 (that is $350 in savings),
  • an additional one-on-one 30 minute Q&A coaching call,
  • my 14 Steps to Successfully and Soulfully Launch and Grow your Business Guide
  • a discount on my 7 day email course, 14 Steps to Successfully and Soulfully Launch and Grow your Business,
  • and, an invitation to my live event coming soon!

Get started today!

Or schedule your free 30 minute consultation call to learn more.

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