Marketing & Design Professional

Marketing & Design Professional

Current Job Description – August 2012 to Present

Marketing Management

  • Put together a Marketing Evaluation Notebook to review, compare, track, and propose new ideas.
  • Interviewed business owner and staff to gage goals and make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Reviewed current marketing attempts and inventory stats to track growth, ROI and conversion rates.
  • Discussed marketing evaluation and strategies with business owner
  • Created and managed Marketing Calendar – developed campaigns, planned and scheduled for the upcoming year
  • Enforced brand integrity – redesigned and placed letterhead on network for company wide use. Created practice area focused signature line and suggested it be used company wide.
  • Continuously compared and contrasted competitors marketing to gain a position over them.
  • Infographs: researched to gather statistics, planned story line, sketched layout and designed a digital infograph
  • Addressed any drops in call volume or client intake
  • Order marketing collateral
  • Photo shoots: Organized, planned composition and subject, assisted and helped direct the shoot
  • Marketing Solutions: diagnosed several problems and came up with a solution to solve many of the marketing tracking issues

Website & SEO

  • Embed live feed video from the courthouse for highly publicized (international interest) trial
  • Prepared a website evaluation
  • Reviewed website analytics
  • Researched and logged main practice area top keywords
  • Developed an SEO and SEM tracking system and strategy
  • Inventoried backlinks
  • Developed site map and new navigation
  • Online Forms: Designed, created, implemented, adjusted and fixed when needed
  • Redesigned certain parts of the website and FTP files
  • Embedded radio station and video scrolling applications
  • Enhanced Wikipedia pages
  • Updated pages, content, and consistently adjusted for optimal search rankings
  • Added widgets that translate the whole website
  • Managed local directories (Kudzu, BrownBook, Yelp, and Manta): built spread sheet to track
  • Set-up website evaluation accounts (Moz and Alexa)
  • Managed domain names, redirects, etc.
  • Used Google maps to increase Google places ranking
  • Targeted specific neighborhoods
  • Designed banner ads for other websites (ex. Lex & Terry’s)
  • Applied the best mobile solution
  • Addressed bandwidth and login security issues
  • Quickly designed two websites for clients, one for accepting donations and one for advocacy

Social Media

  • Researched, planned and scheduled through Hootsuite
  • Customized and designed the header, background and tabs of our Facebook & Twitter accounts
  • Frequently adjusted 8 page verification request letter to Twitter

YouTube Account

  • Managed strength of account
  • Added SEO strong titles, descriptions, links, and meta data
  • Transcribed and sync’d videos for close captioning which earns SEO points
  • Created playlists and organize videos into those groups
  • Downloaded videos from other YouTube accounts and uploaded into our account

Print Design

  • Designed folders with a “classy new design”
  • Designed and laid-out folder informative inserts
  • Designed, wrote and created direct mail information postcards
  • Designed magazine ads (Folio, Void)
  • Designed advertisements for the Metro Dinner placemats
  • Designed fundraising and song flyers
  • Designed huge high school support banner
  • Designed Christmas Party Invite, created mail list per demographics, organized printing and mailing
  • Made sure to keep letter-head was up-to-date and digitally available to everyone in the company

Writing & Editing

  • Wrote SEM copy for new website pages focusing on main practice areas
  • Wrote for Lawyernomics on Avvo
  • Edited all web, print and radio advertising
  • Edited public speech – For a client testifying before Congress
  • Wrote nomination and award interest letters
  • Wrote Press Release letters
  • Wrote Judges Introduction for an Oratorical Scholarship Contest Event

Event Planning

  • Organized Toy Drive (including the use of a local free resource – billboard to advertise it)
  • Organized new office ribbon cutting
  • Designed party invitations
  • Delivered invites through social media, email, snail mail and hand delivery

Media Coordination

  • Helped prep the firm for weeks with Rolling Stone Magazine, national news stations (CBS, Aljazeera America) and documentary crews
  • Developed a media contact list
  • Helped pitch stories to national news stations
  • Coordinated interviews with local and national news stations, magazines, and radio stations
  • Collected screen captures of each media appearance for marketing needs
  • Kept a collection of all print references to the firm
  • Interior Design: shopped, purchased and redesigned a space for interviews

General Office

  • Put together trial PowerPoint with timelined case information, graphics and photos
  • Created the firms first client database, to track client information and track growth
  • Administrative Assistant: many miscellaneous projects for busy Lawyer/Owner
  • Scheduled and organized meetings with Congressional and Senate Leaders (see Successes)
  • Found ideal office space close to the courthouse for trial
  • Gathered detailed online information and screen shots regarding suspects in cases
  • Took calls from outside marketing/advertising sales companies
  • Converted and copied files of all types
  • Handled several Office Manager Issues
  • Consistently worked with disturbed co-works and defused each situation. I am very accommodating.
  • Sent out thank you & holiday cards to clients
  • Worked with and built relationships with outside vendors (fed-ex, framers, ac contractors, etc.) kept file for potential outsourcing
  • Filled out several applications and nominations
  • Worked with charities to make donations
  • Trustworthy: deposited checks in the bank for the firm


  • Phone system: solved technical issues that no one else could solve


  • Put the firm in the #1 spot in key practice areas searches optimized for Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines
  • Lacey: “I have us on page 1 of Jacksonville injury lawyer, Jacksonville personal injury lawyer and Jacksonville accident lawyer. John: “And page one at the top on yahoo, as well. And Bing.  Yes, that is the trifecta. Lacey, great job.” Fadi: “WOW. Really great job Lacey. That is amazing. Thank you.”
  • “Lacey – In addition to the graphic designs of post cards and next week’s “thank you,” in the Folio Weekly, Lacey has steadfastly made us number one or on the first page of most of the search websites in most of the search categories- wrongful death? Us. Personal Injury? Us.  Accident? We are there.  None of those our size, are there with us.  We are the little engine that could and Lacey is driving that engine and it is a search engine.  We are just getting started, but we have so much advantage because of Lacey.”
  • “We are seriously all over the place now.  Great job.”
  • “The rep from Gwinnett came in today and complimented our growth over the last 6 months online. She was amazed that I “called my shot” a few months back when we last month that we’d be on the first page and asked how much we spend with Google. I politely declined and she said their rep estimated we’d need to spend about $6000 per month to get where we’ve gotten across the board.  She was amazed when I help up a goose egg to my eye and said, “it’s all us.”  We are everywhere all of the time, haha.  Great job! John”
  • Contacted and scheduled the many meetings with Congressional Leaders while in DC. Nanci Pelosi took notice and invited them to the Congressional Hearing on Gun Violence, acknowledged them during the hearing and those leaders who I had contacted, made it a point to go up to Lucy and Ron to speak with them afterwards. It was a “thrilling success.”
  • In August ’12 when I joined, case intake average was 9/m for a 5 person office. 8 months later the intake was 24/m for the 6 person office. I gathered and sent these stats in May,

Quick Statistics on Client Data:
August 2012: 80-94 cases, and 28 in lit or closed, which gave you an average of 9 cases/m.
April 2013: 280 cases, and 59 that are closed or in Lit, which gives you an average of 24/m or 1/business day.
Of the 280, we don’t have referral info on 62, but 45 came from Doc Tony and 72 came from the Internet, leaving the other 101 in a misc. referral category.

  • Letter from an appreciative peer:

From: Meri
Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 10:22 AM
To: Lacey Taylor
Subject: Re: Would you judge a scholarship contest?

I love it when people make my life easier!  Thanks.

I will stop by one day, who knows when, with a box of chocolates for you.  How lucky he is to have a person like you watching his back.  Tell him so. You deserve a raise!


On 1/29/2014 10:20 AM, Lacey Taylor wrote:

Wow. What a story. I love your mission and passion.

John has asked me to put something together. I’ll write it as I would introduce him and you can take what you like from it.

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